Bhethnee Kaur

"To approach each client's journey in real estate with the same care and dedication as if it were my own, whether it's finding the ideal property or negotiating the best deal."

Passionate about real estate with a commitment to excellence, Bhethnee Kaur brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to her role. With a background in customer service and a deep understanding of client needs, Bhethnee strives to make the property journey as seamless and fulfilling as possible.

Bhethnee’s journey in real estate is driven by a genuine desire to understand and cater to her clients' needs and aspirations. Her professional background in customer relations and as experienced agent across Tasman has equipped her with the ability to truly empathise with her clients, treating their needs and wants as her own throughout the process.

As a Multi award winning experience real estate agent with certification in Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand, Bhethnee expertise in residential sales, Development Project sales, commercial and business sales.

Bhethnee is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in her work. She believes in building long-lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

Moreover, Bhethnee deep-rooted connection to the community she serves allows her to provide invaluable insights into the local property market. Having lived in the area, she possesses an intimate knowledge of the neighbourhoods, estates, and surrounding communities, enabling her to accurately assess property values and fluctuations.

Outside of her real estate endeavours, Bhethnee cherishes quality time spent with her loved ones, Whether it's exploring the outdoors, engaging in community activities, or pursuing personal interests, she values the importance of work-life balance and maintaining meaningful connections.

Skills & Expertise

Certification in Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand.

Expertise in residential sales, Development Project sales, commercial and business sales.

Extensive knowledge of the south-eastern region, Melbourne- Cranbourne, Berwick, Clyde North, Clyde and Officer.

Enables Bhethnee to provide tailored insights into property values and market trends.

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Friday, 19th July
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM 3 Janet Street Boronia
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$690,000 - $750,000

" Very satisfied. Humbled. Grateful for Bhethnee’s heartfelt service. Much appreciated "

My experience with the entire application was so smooth thanks to Bhethnee’s professionalism, understanding of the market and constant communication. I was never left alone. Her finger was always on the pulse. Constant phone calls to chase up what needed to be done. Even late into the night. I’m very impressed and very grateful.

Faafetai TeleLava - Verified by RateMyAgent

" Extremely grateful customers.. "

Bhethnee is exceptionally good at what she does. Anyone can sell a property in a hot market but very few agents will be able to sell a flooded property in a market like today that to for a price both parties are happy with. She has been very easy to deal with and is an expert in what she does. We couldn’t recommend Bhethnee more.

Karan & Hitakshi - Verified by RateMyAgent

" Great market knowledge & top rated service "

Bhethnee Kaur is professional, kind and very knowledgeable, she is very responsive and have valuable advice! She is also a great negotiator. Dealing with first home purchase alone was challenging and emotional however she was able to support and navigate many of the issues that came along. Even she helped us to have a loan approval by introducing to a right person. I would gladly refer Bhethnee Kaur at any time and you would be happy to have her on your side. She is 100% right person for market. Thank you for your support and service.

Bhagwant Singh - Verified by RateMyAgent

" Bhethnee is your A! "

Super grateful for Bhethnee for the patience in us, there were a lot of question from the start of our plan to selling, to now that we are almost nearing our settlement. She is also calm with answering all our questions (especially my husband) as this is our 1st time to sell house. B shows us persistency to get buyer in our house. She is very hard working, even nights she is working to bring visitor/buyer to our house. Time is an essence to Bhethnee. She knows how to drive to get your home sold. She adjusted everything for our family! From Marketing to other details (that I will not mention in here), but I assure you, Bhethnee is the real state agent you want to signed-in to sell your house. There are some people who questioned her if she can really sell our property, but she is very kind not to get engage on those people, instead she shows them that she can, she was able to sell our house with-in 1 month from the open home!

Nikka and Avelino

" She is Sincerely agent.. "

She done with us genuinely and she is good at communicating skills and she can handle everything nicely.

Nirosha and Inoka

" Top Agent in Real estate Market.. "

Real Agent in Real estate market. I have very well experienced buy properties with her . Highly Recommendations anything related to sales and purchase properties as Bhethnee Kaur is very Knowledgeable in real estate, well experienced with holding a strong team. Very Flexible and always guide better from start to end journey for both parties vendor & Buyer. She will give you a Guidance for future growth of the property you buying from her with multiple options how you can make beneficial for you. So, keep doing your good job Bhethnee Kaur. All the best for others.


" Commitment to her job "

Bhethnee has made our dreams come true. From the beginning to the end of this journey, she has been so dedicated ,committed and determined to give us this house. She tried her best and always gave us hope. She made the impossible possible. A big salute to her for making our dream come true . We are forever grateful to her. We highly recommend her for purchasing looking back!!


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