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  1. Mow your lawn and neaten up the garden a couple of days prior…and then offer to help your neighbours do the same! Presentation is key and every effort count – especially those made on the day itself!
  2. Remove any weeds and rubbish on and immediately around your property and make sure there are no, err, animal droppings for people to stand in!
  3. Arrange for someone to look after your pets on the day.
  4. Placemats at each external door to keep floors sparkling clean, rather than ask people to remove their shoes and cause a mountain of footwear to pile up at the front door!
  5. Ensure any valuables are stored safely away from view or take them off site if you want to be reassured of their security.
  6. Avoid having cars parked in the driveway or out the front of the property.
  7. In winter months, crank the heating up or have a nice wood fire burning to make the space cosy and inviting. On the flipside, make sure you have the cooling on for a nice reprieve from the heat of the day.

Ultimately, whether you decide to sell by private treaty or auction, the idea is to make your home as inviting as possible for potential buyers.

If you can dress the property and create an atmosphere whereby it’s easy for a stranger to walk in and imagine putting their feet up in your nice cosy lounge chair at the end of a hard day, you will be well on your way to sales success!

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